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Digital Literacy for Professionals


Digital literacy is a core 21st Century skill on par with numeracy and literacy. To function effectively in today’s world individuals must know how to access, use and create information and communicate and collaborate effectively within digital contexts. This course is therefore designed to provide the knowledge and technological skills needed to successfully leverage online modalities in personal and professional contexts. Participants will learn how to create, communicate and share digital content. They will gain functional knowledge in a range of productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Libre Office, Open Office and Google Suite. The goal of this course is to develop digitally conscientious citizens who can leverage their online presence and digital tools for public good.



Programme Summary

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Managing Your Online Presence

This module introduces learners to the concept of digital literacy and management of one’s identity in the online environment. Learners will be encouraged to reflect on their roles as digital citizens.

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Communicating in the Online Environment

This module allows learners to explore tools used for communication and collaboration in virtual spaces. Learners will identify and utilize various communication tools for specific purposes.

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Document Publishing Fundamentals

This module is designed to help learners create, format and share in different formats a variety of documents using standard word processing applications.

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Analysing and Visualizing Data with Spreadsheets Software

This module is designed to help learners make sense of data by employing simple spreadsheets strategies, applying standard functions, formulas, graphs and charts. Additionally, learners will develop decision-making skills through data representation.

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This module is designed to provide the guidelines for effective creation and delivery of presentations. Additionally, the module introduces and develops skills in electronic presentations.