Vocational Skills Programmes

The JENNÈS Programme aims to empower the Youth and Women of Saint Lucia by offering fully funded vocational programmes, designed to increase participants' skills and marketability.

There are currently seven (7) programmes under the JENNÈS Project, each running for three (3) months, with three separate cohorts throughout the year.

The main vocational programmes originally offered were Digital and Creative Entrepreneurship, Early Childhood Development, Health Aide, and Hospitality.

Additionally, there are the business-oriented Coaching and Incubator Programmes, which target young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Prior to beginning any of the above programmes, a mandatory Digital Literacy for Professionals course must be completed six (6) weeks prior. This course acquaints selected participants with the online tools needed to prepare their assignments.

* Digital Literacy for Professionals is a prerequisite for all programmes. Learn more.

Vocational Programmes

Digital Literacy For Professionals

Learn how to communicate, create , and share digital content.

Gain functional knowledge in a range of online tools such as Office 365, Libre Office, Open Office, and Google Suite for Education.

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Entrepreneurship Programmes

Business Incubator For Start-up Entrepreneurs
business incubator

This portion of the programme takes place over three (3) months and consists of seminars, workshops and practical projects which take place in blocks. They are structured to continuously build the knowledge repertoire of participants.

The practical component of the Incubator programme is unique in its approach to learning by doing. It affords the aspiring entrepreneur the chance to launch and run their dream start-up within an incubatory environment.

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Business Coaching and MSME's

Business Coaching is a further extension to successful candidates from the initial Incubator Training. Additionally, young entrepreneurs who have already started a business are more than welcome to attend.

business coaching

The Business Coaching component is all about round table discussions and presentations by industry experts. Participants will receive mentorship and business counselling in areas such as sales and marketing, financial accounting, human resource management, business strategy, soft skills, customer service, contracts and business negotiations, globalization, and personal branding. The Business Coaching exercise also runs for a three (3) month period.

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