The Business Coaching programme is another major part of the JENNÈS project. Over a three (3) month period, this training programme will provide successful candidates from the initial Incubator training, as well as young entrepreneurs who have already started a business, with the opportunity to receive mentorship and business counselling from foremost experts in the industry on various business-related topics.

The programme is all about round-table discussions and presentations by industry experts in the following areas: sales and marketing, finance and accounting, human resource management, business strategy, soft skills and customer service, contracts and business negotiations, globalization and export, and personal branding.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar programme, learners will be able to:

  • Devise the appropriate marketing strategy for their business;
  • Identify methods/strategy to increase sales;
  • Develop productions and quality standards;
  • Discuss the importance of inventory management;
  • Devise work plans for their business;
  • Interpret the information found on financial statements;
  • Identify the various accounting statements relevant to an entrepreneur;
  • Discuss the importance of financial record-keeping to an entrepreneur;
  • Discuss the various places business funding can be accessed;
  • Discuss the labour laws of the country;
  • Discuss what determines an appropriate compensation package;
  • Identify the various methods of business strategy;
  • Determine the best way to plan and implement strategy in their business;
  • Identify threats to a business and plan to counteract such threats;
  • Create a customer service plan;
  • Read and understand a basic contract;
  • Conduct business negotiations with potential customers/suppliers/partners etc;
  • Identify export and labeling requirements for export markets;
  • Identify techniques, tools and skills necessary to create a successful personal brand;
  • Discuss the difference between a pitch to a consumer vs a pitch to a potential investor.

Entry Requirements

The ideal candidate for this programme should possess the following;

  • Basic mathematical and language skills;
  • Access to a laptop or computer, as well as internet services;
  • A desire and passion to engage in business and entrepreneurship;
  • It is recommended that candidates be fully vaccinated in order to participate in in-person prototyping exercises.
  • Certificate in Digital Literacy for Professionals. (Must be attended for six weeks and completed prior to beginning Digital and Creative.)