The Business Incubator for Start-up Entrepreneurs (or Enterprises) is a three (3) month programme designed specifically for women and youth start-up entrepreneurs. The seminars, and workshops take place in blocks and are structured to continuously build the knowledge repertoire of participants so that they are fully equipped to handle entrepreneurial projects.

The first month of the programme is geared towards developing an entrepreneurial mindset, and features training on topics such as idea generation, design thinking and introduction to prototyping. The second month goes into the creation on a business plan/model and will also involve training in basic accounting and marketing.

The final module is done in the third month and this is where the action takes place. The last module is the practical portion of the programme where the aspiring entrepreneur will launch and run their micro or small business in an incubatory environment. The incubator will allow for mentorship and coaching from industry experts to ensure the future success of their venture.


This programme seeks to;

  • To equip participants with skills to enable them to create employment for themselves and others.
  • To equip participants with skills to enable them to become successful entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs.
  • To expose participants to business etiquette and other related soft skills.
  • To expose participants to the concept of prototyping.
  • To engage young entrepreneurs with existing businesses and help them build more successful businesses.

Acquired Competences

  • Learning how to effectively develop a business idea;
  • Prototyping and testing your new concept;
  • Creating a business modal to support your novel idea;
  • Being resourceful enough to identify and access financing and resources for your business;
  • Organizing your business for participation in an entrepreneurial competition or trade showcase.

Entry Requirements

The ideal candidate for this programme should possess the following;

  • Basic mathematical and language skills;
  • Access to a laptop or computer, as well as internet services;
  • A desire and passion to engage in business and entrepreneurship;
  • It is recommended that candidates be fully vaccinated in order to participate in in-person prototyping exercises.
  • Certificate in Digital Literacy for Professionals. (Must be attended for six weeks and completed prior to beginning Digital and Creative.)