The Certificate in Early Childhood Development Aide is designed to provide entry level qualification to persons who currently work in the early childhood sector and persons who wish to train for entry level positions in the sector.

The programme comprises of courses in Child Development and Care; Procedures and Regulations of the Early Childhood Sector; and Nutrition in the Early Childhood Years. The programme adheres to the philosophy of Competency-based Education and Training. The CVQ competency standards for Early Childhood Development will be the focus of the teaching learning experiences.

Competency standards are industry-determined specifications of performance, which describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes required by a worker in the performance of a particular role in the workplace. The teaching, learning and assessment experiences are therefore designed to ensure the active involvement of learners in class and workplace settings.


This programme seeks to;

  • Ensure the active involvement of learners in class and workplace settings.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that are essential for carrying out prescribed routine and non-routine activities in early childhood development settings under the supervision of an assigned early childhood development practitioner.
  • Develop the competencies that will enable them to perform their duties individually and/or in collaboration with others as part of a group or team.
  • Use skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to carry out objective observations, documentation and reporting of information related to the development of children.
  • Identify and practice developmentally and contextually appropriate strategies that actively support children during play activities.
  • Attain knowledge of typical behaviour in young children and strategies for supporting appropriate management of children’s behaviour.
  • Acquire skills and knowledge required to offer support in maintaining the safety, physical needs, and well-being of children.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed to support the nutritional needs of children from birth to eight years.